Sachin Kumar Singh

A computer engineer by degree and a passionate researcher, generally curious about how things work, a programmer, applying my knowledge to solve some of the difficult problems. Majorly worked in Multimedia Security.

My goal is to be part of this changing world of technology and actively contribute back to the community.



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Two things I firmly believe, first imagination and second, everything is paradoxical, especially us in a particular context. Our imagination creates our future. It ignites passion. It influences everything we do, think about, and create. We are the "paradox." We want to be happy when we think of things that make us sad. We are ambitious, but we are lazy. We sometimes don't like ourselves, but also we love who we are.

The thing that inspires me the most are scientists and their scientific stories. These stories taught me what impact imagination and curiosity could make. Maybe for most of us, science is just facts, but for scientists, it is the perspective of life. I have a strong passion for research, despite not being in a research peer community, I am actively doing it from the last one and a half year and contributing to multimedia security. I enjoy research indulgence because it challenges me, and it highly motivates me to do something out of the box. I am also a self-taught graphics designer, designing taught me "Hard work is universal, it doesn’t matter how creative you are, you need to work hard to bring that creativity out of you." 

I am incredibly passionate about learning new things. In my view, I am sarcastic and hilarious, but I also believe that most people find me obnoxious and annoying. I told you about the "paradox." ​

Hope you enjoyed small peek into my world !


Multimedia Security Researcher and Graphics Desiginer


2021 - 2023 (Expected)

Master of Science CS

Prospective student

2016 - 2020
Rajkiya Engineering College Sonbhadra

Bachelor of Technology

Computer Science and Engineering, Rajkiya Engineering College Sonbhadra, affiliated to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow India
CGPA: 8.31/10 | SGPA (8th): 8.92/10

Police Modern School Lucknow

Senior School Certificate Examination (XII , 77.02 %) and Secondary School Examination (X , 9.2/10), Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)


Jan 2019 - Present
Multimedia Security

Multimedia Researcher

Working on various research projects under Assistant Prof. Mainejar Yadav, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Rajkiya Engineering College Sonebhadra. Research area - Visual Cryptography and Multimedia Security.

June 2019
ACM Summer School at College of Engineering Pune, India

Detection and Analysis of Malware

Attended ACM Summer School focused on detection and analysis of malware. Consisted of several session on malware analysis techniques and tools , attack vectors used by malware and malware in modern domains.

June - July 2018
Gtech Solutions

Web Development Intern

Responsible for developing and maintaining the front end functionality of websites, creating graphics and devising SEO strategies based around specific keywords.

Jan - Feb 2017
IIM Lucknow

Data Science and Analytics Intern

I got to learn a lot of the basic nuances of Data Science and Analytics. During internship I reviewed a number of case studies from Harvard Business Review and submitted a minor project titled "Hotel Room Pricing In The Indian Market (Using R)".(Link)

* Shortlisted for Summer School on “Web as a Learning Environment” at Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Israel.
* Shortlisted for Summer School at Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru, India.
* Shortlisted for Summer School on Quantum Information and Quantum Technology at Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Kolkata, India.
* Not able to attend

Publication & Research Projects

April 2020
Final Year Research Project

A (k, n) Audio Secret Sharing with Share Authentication

Designed and developed and efficient algortihm for Audio Secret Sharing, in which an audio is divided into 'n' units possesing a minimum threshold 'k' and it can be reconstructed when 'k' units are available. [Link]

March 2020

Audio Quality Control Method based on ASS

Developed an method which divides an audio into certain number predefined audio units and as the number of units combined together increases the audio quality improves.

February 2020
Research Survey Article

How to share an Audio Secret- Contemplating Audio Secret Sharing Schemes

This article`s objective was to perform a brief study of the audio secret sharing schemes and analyze there merits and demerits considering various parameters.

September 2019

Robust and Secure Steganography by pattern obscurity with enhanced carrying capacity

July 2019

Verifiable Color Progressive Visual Cryptography with Cheating Detection

Minor Projects

January 2019

Image Security using Visual Cryptography

Implemented Visual cryptography scheme which breaks an original image into image units such that, when the units are stacked on one another, a hidden secret image is revealed.

November 2018
One time pad

Peershare system for black and white images

Designed a Peer Share System based on one time pad that provide secure transcation for black and white images.

September 2018
Digital Image Analysis

Non Photo-realistic Rendering

Implemented color quantization, dithering, image segmentation and edge enhancement (by edge linking, differential thickening and smoothing) to give a painterly look to photo-realistic images.

August 2018
KNN Classifier, Python

Captcha Reader

I made a simple captcha reader to read the captcha in use for the institute web mail. It involved letter segmentation and training in a semi supervised manner using a KNN classifier.

April 2018
Django, Google Web Designer

Identity card Webapp

Designed a webapp using Django framework to automate the process of making identity cards. Designed a UI where user can enter and modify data and generate identity cards. Worked in collaboration with Rahul Rajput

January 2018
R Lang, rpubs

Hotel Room Pricing In The Indian Market

This project studies dependence of many variables like hotel facilities, ratings etc. on the different hotels and analyze data to find potential factors affecting the price-behavior in the Indian hotel industries. (Link)

December 2017
BeautifulSoup, Python

Result Scraper

Implemented python script using BeautifulSoup which extracts result of students and genrated web pages. (Link)

September 2017
HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, Jquery, Google firebase and SEO.

Website -

Designed and developed website from scratch consisting all previous papers of my university. (Link) (Team)

Technical Skills

  • Programming - Python, C, C++, R, SQL
  • Web Development - HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, jquery, ReactJS, Django
  • Graphics Designing - Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premium Pro, Sony Vegas
  • Software - MATLAB, Octave, Atom, MS office, LATEX

Undertaken Courses (MOOCs)

CS50 by Harvard University on Edx (Link)
Machine Learning by Stanford University on Coursera (Link)
R Programming by Johns Hopkins University on Coursera (Link)


  • Part of college and ICCAEEE - 2019 (conference) website development and maintenance team.
  • Student Head at Training Placement Cell, Rajkiya Engineering College Sonebhadra.
  • Established Web Design and Media Council at Rajkiya Engineering College Sonebhadra.
  • Secured 1817 rank in SnackDown - 2019 PreElimination Round among 27875 teams on CodeChef.
  • ACM-ICPC Online Qualifier Round 2018 team rank – 789 in India.
  • Qualified for Facebook HackerCup 2019.
  • Mentored a team of three Junior Year Students participated in Design Hackathon 2019 at UPID, Noida, India. Team secured 1st position by designing "Smart Dustbin".
  • Designed my college official logo, forum logo, college magazine, college and TnP brochure and College newsletter.

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What I am current learning and working on

  • Curently I am trying to get some glimpes of Game theroy and basics of Quantum Computing.
  • Resource I am using for Game Theory is OCW.
  • Resources I am using for Quantum Computing, Caltech/John Preskill , Coursera and Youtube.
  • Also developing a public platfrom for connecting and helping students who are interested in global education.


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